Study Group Guides

The Maponus College Study Guides will be an ongoing project that aims to produce high-quality educational resources intended to help facilitate spiritual and intellectual development. The guides can be studied privately or as part of a study group; it is not prescriptive by any means. This first guide focusses on the influence of the Christian religion itself.

Overall, such guides, or rather support notes, are just that – ‘supportive’. Only ever designed to help engage the Zealator and lead them towards a greater familiarity with their own Christian faith, this particular guide is intended to help develop a more rounded understanding of the hidden mysteries, as well as encouraging the individual Zealator to analyse and evaluate for themselves the significance of Christianity (and thereby Rosicrucianism) in the modern world. However, it does not claim to tell the whole story.

Rosicrucianism is concerned with encouraging the fellowship of Man and with comprehending the true nature and purpose of his place in Creation. It is a profoundly Christian order. In this series of lessons, you will study the impact and significance of religious sources, beliefs and practices on the lives of Christians and broader society. This will include gaining knowledge and understanding of differences in beliefs and related practices within Christianity. These lessons have been designed to help the initiate explore the beliefs, practices, and sources of Christianity and how closely they relate and interconnect. As a Rosicrucian, you will also be able to explore how religious sources inform beliefs and practices relevant to yourself and Christianity. The range of possible responses will be wide and are not specified – once again, it has been designed to promote your own interpretations and personal exploration. The watchword of the Society will be required to open the document.

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