Maponus College

Societas Rosicruciana in Scotia

Maponus Manuscript Club

Welcome to the Maponus Manuscript Club. This is a new initiative set up by the Maponus College (SRIS) to afford mutual aid and encouragement in the independent study of western esotericism and the arcane mysteries. Founded on the principles of personal enquiry and the use of original source material, seven original handwritten historic documents have been uploaded for the benefit of individual research. Simply by clicking on the ‘manuscripts‘ tab above, fratres are invited to participate in the study of these fascinating documents and, if they wish, to submit a personal research paper on each through the ‘submit‘ tab found above. On the successful completion of all seven papers, fratres will become eligible for due recognition in the form of a participation certificate known as the ‘Minerval’.

For more information on how to participate click the ‘About’ tab above.